Φύγε από το νοσοκομείο ξένε, εγώ πληρώνω φόρους”/ ‘You’re coming here and pleading poverty while we’re paying taxes’


Πρωτοφανείς εικόνες σε νοσοκομείο του Ίπσουιτς, από Βρετανίδα που ξεσπά σε Νιγηριανή φοιτήτρια. Το περιστατικό συνέβη το Σάββατο, ενώ η ανυποψίαστη 23χρονη Νιγηριανή φοιτήτρια, Τζίνα Τόμσον συνόδευσε την Ισπανίδα φίλη της στο νοσοκομείο για κάταγμα.
Καθώς οι δύο φίλες περίμεναν υπομονετικά στην ουρά, μία αγανακτισμένη γυναίκα άρχισε να επιτίθεται χυδαία στη Νιγηριανή.

«Έρχεστε στην χώρα μας και προκαλείτε φτώχεια, ενώ εμείς πληρώνουμε φόρους». Το ρατσιστικό παραλήρημα συνεχίστηκε από τη γυναίκα, καθώς άρχισε τις βωμολοχίες, παρουσία περίπου 20 ασθενών και γιατρών. «Τι συνέβη σε αυτή τη γ…η χώρα; Εμείς πληρώνουμε φόρους για εσάς τους μ…ες». Η αντίδραση της Τζίνα ήταν ψύχραιμη, καθώς προσπαθούσε να αποκρούσει τα πυρά της μαινόμενης γυναίκας. Η αστυνομία ήρθε μετά από λίγο, μετά από κλήση του νοσοκομείου για να την συλλάβει.

Η ξαφνιασμένη Νιγηριανή φοιτήτρια δήλωσε αργότερα: «Ένιωσα ντροπιασμένη. Η προσοχή όλων ήταν στραμμένη πάνω μας. Δεν είναι αλήθεια ότι δεν πληρώνω φόρους. Είμαι φοιτήτρια από το εξωτερικό και πληρώνω 13.000 λίρες το χρόνο δίδακτρα. Φοβάμαι τέτοιου είδους ανθρώπους. Πόσοι σαν αυτή υπάρχουν άραγε;».





The Nigerian student is 23-year-old Gina Thompson from Port Harcourt. She is a film and media student at University Campus Suffolk and has been in the UK for two years, while her friend from Seville, Spain, arrived in September 2012. Thompson’s the one who filmed the incident. Afterwards, she sought to rebut claims that she was pleading poverty, saying she’s an international student who pays £13,000 a year in tuition fees. Of course, she did not disclose how much of that she got back in free or subsidized services originally intended only for British citizens.

British National Party chief Nick Griffin posted his reaction on Twitter:

Notice that all those losing it & speaking out are women. Emma West back in court next week. Pussification of British men is a real problem.

“You’re coming here & pleading poverty while we’re paying taxes”. Woman in Ipswich Hospital speaks as millions think. Pity re swearing tho.

So what if she’s swearing a bit? It just illustrates how fed up many British Whites have become with having their country stolen from them by degrees. Besides, the Nigerian student also did a bit of swearing on her own. Some people are wondering if Griffin’s beginning to go neo-con on them; back in October 2012, the BNP’s other MEP, Andrew Brons, abruptly resigned from the party and claimed that up to 90 percent of the party’s membership, activists and former officials had already left.

Reaction was quickly forthcoming on Stormfront, where one Stormfront poster summed up the situation quite succinctly:

Typical zionist agenda. Push the white people to the breaking point with mass third world immigration and then arrest and charge them when they actually break. I am with her, you see the diversity when you go to the hospital. That is where all the parasites gather and suck up all your tax dollars. Last time I had to go the ER the waiting room was full of non-white parasites who were delaying the line so they could get free medical care for back pain and such, all the really sick or hurt people had to wait behind them. I was working in a deli and cut the tip of my thumb off with a meat slicer and had to wait behind 20 immigrants who probably just there to score oxycontin. I fell horrible for our friends in the UK because they can’t speak their mind without being arrested and charged for telling the truth.

But notwithstanding the White woman’s obvious frustration, another Stormfront poster took her to task for lack of discipline, which can play up to negative stereotypes about White working class people:

Another drunken white nitwit gives aid and comfort to the enemy . . .

When are whites going to learn that public outbursts fit the non-white/progressive script?

The stereotype is that all non-whites are the poor, abused, precious victims of white oppression. And here, this lush proves that the stereotype is true.

Here’s what you do, lady. First of all sober up. Then, find about a hundred people who agree with you. Then march . . . take to the streets and demand an end to the dysfunctional policy your politicians have enslaved you with. Call a few TV stations and tell them what you’re doing and where you’ll be. Let the mullies know so that they’ll show up. Confrontation means air time.

Take that (justified) anger and passion and learn to speak in front of a group. Let that passion flow and ignite a fire among fellow whites.

However, watch your message. Avoid saying the things that will trigger police arrest and government prosecution.

We have to be smarter than the enemy.



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