The Fall Of Samaras: Golden Dawn Now Second Most Popular Party! – Article with Video in English Subtitles


The real support base of Golden Dawn is either not spoken of in mainstream media, or flagrantly lied about. Now with the European elections approaching, Professor Panas has brought a message of doom for the junta of Samarasistan.

A new popularity poll to be unveiled Tuesday by the group of Professor Panas reveals the motivations for the systematic conspiracy against Golden Dawn. Beneath the calm demeanor in the presence of global financiers and television cameras, is a quiet panic at the Greek people throwing them out at the ballot box.

The revelations of Professor Panas (who came closest in accuracy to predicting the 2012 election results)  show that New Democracy is in third place with 12-13% of the electorates support, Golden Dawn is in second place with 14% , and SYRIZA will emerge first with a rate of 20%.

Such results show a radical overthrow of the current political establishment, which is what has prompted the current Greek government to throw out the Greek constitution and establish what is more or less a plutocratic dictatorship, where real dissidents are imprisoned and not given the same protections as their peers.

What is most upsetting about this trend is the déjà vu of PASOK. The neo-conservatives of New Democracy hang on by the thread of their name and familiarity, so if it were to fall to third it will lose its ability to attract voters and wind up in the same place PASOK did in the last election. It is important to remind people that PASOK initially fell to 12-13% and shortly after found themselves with 3%. This is going to be the conclusion of New Democracy as well.

The second thing that the neo-conservatives fear is the alliances that always pop up when real alternatives such as Golden Dawn are present. Election results according to these polls would force the systematic parties like SYRIZA and New Democracy to form coalition governments, which will anger people who for whatever reason still believe there is a difference between the two. Such a coalition would not only be short-lived, but also show the world the false dichotomy of the establishment Left and Right. With the eventual decline of SYRIZA, the way for a National government that will regain the national independence of Greece will be paved.

This second point is what is forcing global moneyed elites to put pressure on their employees in the Greek government to halt Golden Dawn by any means. They fear Golden Dawn because it will be an end of the rule of usury and parasites who exploit Greeks, and a fresh perspective that will bring Greece into a greater time. But the schemes are collapsing, just like the parties representing their interests.

A new Golden Dawn of Hellenism is approaching, and no malicious forces can contain it.



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